Sun-Dried Apricots

"Stackhouse has the best dried apricots! I use them in my apricot pie, tart, tangy ,and delicious...
that is if I can keep out of them!"

Sun Dried Apricot Slabs - Stackhouse Orchards
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Soft, sweet, and moist - perfection in every bite.

With over fifty years of refinement, these have been our most beloved product which continually sells out within weeks.

A slice of California sunshine, directly to your door 🍑

12 Ounces per bag

Available for a limited time only, while supplies last.

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"The Best: Customer Service and Apricots!!!!! Been buying from them for years and I'll never stop:) " James S.

"I've tried a lot of dried apricots and these are far and away the best. The are the most natural tasting and have the best texture." Mary T.

"My best snack find in years!" Tom P.

"Wow, these are so tasty and addictive. Great treat!" Amelia R.

California Blenheim Apricots


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